So Black Friday is here!

And congratulations to all of you not out there shopping but tuning reading this or maybe doing some cyber shopping which rocks in my book ;o)


We are all about fun here at Social Expurrts and it is the holidays so why not show you guys how to always have fun with your content and how to stay on trend with it to get more eyeballs on you, your brand and your products putting more money in your pockets before the big one.

(That’s Christmas for anyone who isn’t following.)


I will be showing you how Social Media can help you Lose Your Thanksgiving Fat    


how you can implement this technique used here today in your business.

OK let’s do this.


I know I know. How do you get content ideas to blog and create awesome content daily?

Don’t worry here are a few easy ways to get you started on an endless sea of content creation awesomeness that is also trending!

For those of you who do not know why trending topics are important, well I will break it down for you really quick.

Trending topics = free traffic.

This stuff is crazy right?

Here we go!

Google Trends is a great way for you to see what everyone is searching for on the web right now. 

I always like to check on Googles little brother and check out what are they watching on Youtube. This is again the second largest search engine in the world!

You can also check out what is trending on Yahoo if Google has not rubbed ya right today.

Mashable is also great resource to see what is going on in the digital world and they also have a page on what is trending in our awesome linked up world.

#Hashtags are a growing marketing trend in social media and it is pretty interesting to see which one of these bad boys get to be the hot topic of the day. is a great resource in looking at which hashtags are trending and a bunch of cool other stuff.

It’s Viral Now is a great site to check on viral video across the web. If you don’t find something good here well at least you will get a few laughs. ;o)



This is a social media network about you guessed it…. fitness.

You can follow a trainer, sign up for ready  made kick ass workouts or you can make your own workout routine and start getting more sexy.


Yes there are a bazillion workouts you can do right on YouTube for Free.

Find your favorite fitness peeps and I am sure they have tons of workouts ready just for you!


Yes I said it. But no we are not going to pop you like a balloon.

Pinterest has a plethora of fitness tips, healthy recipes and workouts you can follow!

Instagram now with video combines a double pack punch when it comes to fitness tips & tricks. 

Stay Sexy my friends!


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