Why social media you may be asking?

“Social media is the single greatest opportunity a brand can leverage — it is the closest you will ever get to your consumer, provides a competitive advantage, shapes your marketing efforts and grows your brand.”

We love helping businesses and brands thrive on social media.  Well let’s just say that there are BILLIONS of people out there just dying to connect with you and your brand. We are the Expurrts and we stay optimistic…. because quite frankly we do not know one successful brand who isn’t. Period.



  1. Growing Businesses and Brands through Social Engagement.

  2. Creating seamless brand awareness in your target audience.

  3. Bridging the gap between your brand and the world.

  4. Attract millions of social media users to your business and brand.

  5. Tell your brand’s story and magnify your voice to the world.


We have been at this for quite some time do you remember those dial up days?

Need we say more?

Social Media Services - 7 years
Branding - 5 years
Web Developement - 3 years
Consulting - 1 year


IMG_0513Michelle Miraldo

Social Media Strategist, Designer, Branding Specialist

Michelle has been on the cutting edge of social media for over 8 years. She has worked with all types of clients from the entertainment world to corporate. She is always thinking out of the box to bring her clients the best in today’s expanding marketing world.


Are you ready to get your secret ingredient to Awesome?

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